“Where Are They Now?” Vineet’s Project Update


Any entrepreneur worth his or her salt knows that you have to roll with the punches and adapt to changes if you’re going to succeed in business. As a matter of fact, a good majority of our AdCap entrepreneurs adjust their original ideas when the reality of bringing them to life at school introduces unforeseen challenges.

The AdCap program is not just about coming up with a great idea and getting it funded. More than that, the REAL learning comes from the process of finessing and implementing that idea as a real, working project in a school and community. And because every school is different, most projects need to fit within the constructs of how that school operates.

Such is the business of being an entrepreneur. It’s the reason AdCap grant winners develop a lot of important skills when they own a project. For a great example of what we mean, we’re pleased to share Vineet’s story – currently in progress. Vineet worked with his school board to make an idea that seemed cost prohibitive, work for his school and the students who will benefit by drinking the clean water from a new water fountain.

Vineet's Project Update: The Hydronator

My original project was to build a water fountain outside of school to help students and community members stay hydrated. We ran into challenges that would make the cost of implementing this project $20,000. The water fountain would need a sewage system, concrete would be needed, and the pipes would have to be run to the water fountain.

I met with the ground works supervisor from the school board, and we decided to change the project because of the cost. This project will change, but the purpose will still remain the same. We decided to install a water fountain inside school at a busy place to encourage hydration.

We’re proud of Vineet and all of our BRAVE entrepreneurs that persist through obstacles. Want to share a Project Update? Contact us at info@AdCapYOUth.org!