“Where Are They Now?” Darden’s Project Update


2016 AdCap winner Darden from Texas is passionate about school safety and being ready for an emergency. She used her AdVenture Capital grant to develop a multimedia emergency-preparedness program for her school district that includes an education plan, training videos and the kits that will live in each classroom.

To bring the project to life, Darden’s been working with the district’s administration, school nursing, and safety staffs, as well as enlisting her fellow students certified as part of a Community Emergency Response (CERT) Team, to participate in the effort (click here for a recent Op-Ed in The Huffington Post highlighting Darden’s work!). Read on to find out what Darden and her team have been up to!

Darden and our Pioneers class have been working on the Emergency Preparedness "We Are Ready" project by doing the following: We have written an education plan for making training videos to train our school district students and adults in proper actions during emergency drills. The videos are also including what NOT to do (they have been having fun with this!) They have also been communicating with the administration and school nurse and also getting the shopping list ready for the emergency preparedness kits that will go into each classroom and public area.

The students will also write a plan and lead a mock scenario for the middle school and high school emergency preparedness training. Students who are already CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) certified have been assigned, with their CERT backpacks, to each of the campuses in case of emergency. If we still have any funds left, we will better equip the CERT backpacks.

We cannot change what we cannot see, but we can create a better-equipped community that practices, prepares, and saves lives. If we secure additional funds for the “We Are Ready” youth disaster preparedness project, we will work to supply each district classroom, area, and bus with an emergency kit and crisis flip chart, provide more student leaders with Certified Emergency Response Training and well-supplied CERT backpacks, and make available to our schools, community, and beyond, student-created emergency training videos for lasting impact.