"Where Are They Now?": Ciara's Project Update and an AdCap Parent Perspective


In 2015, Ciara from Philadelphia took the title of SAP’s first Teen Innovator for her community wellness app, which aims to increase students’ physical activity and fitness through competition and motivation. Since winning a trip to Super Bowl 50 and $10,000 to bring her big idea to life, Ciara’s been honored by her state’s Governor for her great work and she continues to meet with business partners and supporters who believe in her app and its noble purpose to get more students moving.

Great entrepreneurs often have strong networks of support around them, and Ciara’s family are her biggest fans and cheerleaders. One of Ciara's biggest supporters is her mom Tricia, who sent us an update on Ciara as a great example of how momentum through small steps can lead to BIG change!

Keep up the great work, Ciara, and THANK YOU Tricia for checking in with the AdCap team to share updates on your curious, creative and bold daughter!

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This is such a wonderful program. SAPSIS has really opened Ciara's eyes to how capable she is at achieving great things in life. Ciara has found a company to partner with on her health and fitness project. This partner company has a motivational fitness app that rewards people based on physical challenges such as walking, running, and hiking. They will leverage their current system to develop the frontend and backend software needed for Ciara’s school health program. After obtaining several estimates, it is clear that this partnership provides a great advantage with the development and deployment of Ciara’s health program into schools. Despite leveraging the partners existing backend software, and their willingness to fund 50% of the development cost, the awarded grant money is not enough to cover the initial development. Now we are focusing on identifying additional funding sources needed, such as grants, to develop a working prototype.

Her program will be piloted at her old grade school, Our Lady of Calvary. A few local high schools said she could pilot with their physical education classes. In addition, she is establishing an LLC to ensure there is a legitimate business entity providing financial and legal protection.

Other progress includes advice from lawyers, investigating if a patent can be filed, and refinement of the health program requirements. Ciara was also able to have a face to face meeting with the owner/developer of the First in Math program. This competitive math program is what inspired Ciara to have a competitive health and fitness program.

When asked what advice she has, Ciara said, “Thank you again to AdCap for all the support and help you've given me. To the future AdCap entrepreneurs, my biggest piece of advice is to always act on your ideas, what's the worst that can happen? Don't sit on an idea; let other people hear it, and keep an open mind for any input they might have. Be willing to adapt your idea; you have the clay, now let it be molded. You must also understand that you'll have to put in the work and effort for your idea to go anywhere. “

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