Student Blog: Catherine and Mia Mentor Younger Students to Be More Active


Our original idea for Reach One was developed at an AdCap event through the SAP Social Innovation Series events, where we pitched to a panel of judges under the name “Project Youth.” When we didn’t win at the event, we revised our idea and submitted it through AdCap’s online Project Designer and received funding for our “Reach One Project”. Our project now is so much different than our original idea and is a soccer program for the kids at Ruth Hill Elementary School, with high schoolers coaching and mentoring elementary school students through afterschool sports. We not only teach them soccer and the importance of physical fitness, but we provide a support group and safe environment for the kids to be themselves. This program is entirely youth led with the help of a faculty advisor from Ruth Hill.

The kids have made so much progress in this short amount of time and are even playing full scrimmages. We faced many challenges with the program such as deciding which school we wanted to begin our program with, legal papers, and trying to find a way to do the program anyway if we did not get the grant. Mia and I had to remain organized and positive when our project seemed like it would never get off the ground with all of the roadblocks. Our short team goal for this project is to host a soccer game against another school to showcase all the new skills the kids have gained during this program. Long term goals for this project would be to grow at Ruth Hill while expanding to other schools with different youth leaders.

This is the best thing we have ever done – the project is going amazing so far. We have had steady level of participation at around 15- 20 younger students every Wednesday and Friday since the beginning of March. The kids are amazing and all of the hard work has paid off just seeing their smiling faces. We know they are enjoying it as much as we are. The parents of the kids have been so supportive as well as the principle and our faculty advisor at Ruth Hill! We can't wait for this to continue and grow!

-Catherine and Mia, 11th Grade, Georgia

2016 AdCap Winners