Highlights from the 2020–2021 School Year

While the 2020–2021 school year was challenging, students didn't let hurdles stop them from developing or implementing their creative and inspiring projects that were sure to make real change in their school's community. On behalf of the AdCap and GENYOUth team, we want to thank you for truly making this a great year and supporting the AdCap program.

Here’s a recap of some of the amazing things that happened this school year!


  • 150+ projects were pitched and developed.
  • Approximately $75,000 grant dollars were awarded.

Events and Online Funding Opportunities

  • SAP Design 4 Good Challenge — Virtual Event
  • Innovation Experience presented by the Arby’s Foundation — Virtual Event
  • Ohio School Breakfast Challenge — Online Funding Opportunity
  • Achieving Healthier Lives — Online Funding Opportunity
  • Super Fuel Up! Innovation Challenge Series — Virtual Event
  • Spring 2021 Online Funding Opportunities
  • HOSA and FCCLA Online Funding Opportunities

Project Spotlights

  • Daydream Dens, Danbury High School, CT
    Project Description: Safe spaces for students to socialize and/or work on group projects.

    Update: The team has almost fully completed on Daydream Den, and their next steps are to complete the other two. A challenge they overcame was measuring the wood panels as they di
    dn't realize at first that they were measuring incorrectly, but they finally perfected the process. Their project has gained attention from other clubs including their school's HOSA Chapter. Students from HOSA have volunteered to help build the other Daydream Dens.
  • Eagles Believing in Tomorrow, Rio Vista High School, TX
    Project Description: A greenhouse that allows the students, teachers and the community to experience the process of creating food.
    Project Update: Eagles Believing in Tomorrow has purchased the greenhouse and placed it near the school's culinary department. The greenhouse will be accessible to other school districts as well. Due to changes in the maintenance staff, the greenhouse has not yet been built but will be completed this summer. Their goal is to impact peers by educating and creating awareness of where food comes from. in addition, the greenhouse will give students the opportunity to cook with fresh vegetables during culinary class.
  • Farming the Future and The Hunger Stoppers, Island Trees Memorial Middle School, NY
    Farming the Future's Project Description: An app to develop mental health initiatives. 
    The Hunger Stopper's Project Description: Creating local connections within the community to offer healthy food at school and create a salad bar in the cafeteria.  
    Project Update: Farming the Future and The Hunger Stoppers were unable to implement their original projects due to the pandemic, so they joined forces and pivoted their ideas into one large project. The teams collaborated and used the grant money to offer a yoga program for the fully remote students at their school. Shifting gears and working together on something new through the pandemic was challenging, but they persevered and were able to successfully design and implement a different project. Forty students enrolled and were given yoga mats, blocks and straps. The students attended online yoga classes with a local instructor. 
  • JEE Foods, Butler Tech Ross High School, OH
    Project Description: Renovating an old school bus into a mobile grocery store to reach the community where fresh food is unavailable. 
    Project Update: This student team is working to set up calls and meetings with the transportation departments, government agencies and good producers to aid with project implementation. With the additional support of two new team members, they were able to raise an additional $5,000 in capital for the project. The team is utilizing time this summer to contact donors to virtually remodel and demonstrate the bus. Their goal is to finish planning this summer and open up the mobile grocery store in the fall.