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As a market leader in enterprise application software, SAP helps companies of all sizes and industries run better. From back office to boardroom, warehouse to storefront, desktop to mobile device — SAP empowers people and organizations to work together more efficiently. SAP is committed to empowering the world’s youth with technology and business skills that translate into meaningful jobs and economic opportunity. We believe this will not only improve the quality of their lives, it will also lead to new innovations that will help the world run better.

In 2013, GENYOUth and global technology leader SAP came together to expand AdVenture Capital, a unique, deeply impactful program for students 13-17. Since then, SAP and GENYOUth’s unique partnership has inspired, empowered, and funded youth-driven health and wellness initiatives across the country by providing resources, support, and mentors for students leading change in their schools and communities.​


The Daily Herald: “Prospect student wins grant to advocate bicycle safety”

​We love seeing our AdCap students in the news!  Abby attended our Chicago SAP Social Innovation Series last fall along with peers from her school.  Although she didn’t win a grant that day, the event inspired Abby to apply for a grant through the AdCap website.  Using the Project Designer at, Abby submitted a NEW idea to the AdCap team, which earned her a grant and recognition in her local paper!


​In a Huffington Post Op-Ed, Alexis Glick, CEO of GENYOUth, highlights the importance of empowering girls through programs like AdVenture Capital. We're thrilled that two of our AdCap entrepreneurs, Darden and Sidney, were featured in this piece.

“Where Are They Now?”: Lamia’s Project Update

Like any entrepreneur, Lamia’s had to adapt to challenges along the way, and collaborate with different stakeholders to her AdCap project from concept to reality. We checked in with Lamia to get the latest progress update on this entrepreneur’s AdCap project to improve options for breakfast in her school!

Student Blog: Saira on AdVenture Capital, Wining the SAP Bill McDermott Scholarship, and Making a Difference!

​AdCap Entrepreneur Saira shares her thoughts on her involvement with GENYOUth programs, receiving the SAP Bill McDermott Scholarship, and what's next for her BIG idea!

Student Blog: Sports Check It Out at the Super Bowl, Part Two

Welcome to Part Two from our intrepid SAP Teen Innovators, detailing the rest of their whirlwind trip to Super Bowl 51 where they visited the SAP office, met with execs, supported other entrepreneurs, and attended a very special SAP VIP brunch with the Manning family. 

Student Blog: Sports Check It Out at the Super Bowl, Part One

W​e’re thrilled to share part one of our SAP Teen Innovators’ personal account of their once-in-a-lifetime experience in Houston where they visited the SAP office, met with executives, and ended the trip at Super Bowl 51!

“Where Are They Now?” Thomas’s Project Update

We caught up with Thomas, one of our AdCap entrepreneurs from Texas who won a 2015 SAP AdCap grant for his project to harvest rainwater for his school’s greenhouse. Thomas’ Project turned into collaboration with other students at his school whose garden projects also benefitted from the water tank he planned to install.

Here’s what Thomas had to say about making his project a reality this year and why he’d recommend AdCap to other students!

TheStreet.Com: “How Warren Buffett Is Inspiring Tomorrow's Business Leaders”

As a great benefactor and mentor to so many, Warren Buffett generously invited AdCap’s first class of grant-winning students out to his Berkshire Hathaway office in 2013 for a tour and some life-changing life lessons.  This remarkable experience forever impacted our students and set the course for what would flourish and become our AdCap program. GENYOUth’s CEO, Alexis Glick, recently appeared on to talk about how mentoring is instrumental to student success.  Alexis was joined by Giants running back, Rashad Jennings, who started a Foundation in his name dedicated to mentoring young people.  

Student Blog: SAP Teen Innovators Inspired to Think BIG

​ We asked our SAP Teen Innovators what inspired them to come up with their BIG idea and to share their experience so far. Check out what they had to say about dreaming big and making a difference in their school!

5PointsBlue.Com: “Cowboys Fuel Up to Play 60 in a Different Way With AdVenture Capital.”

Check out this article about AdCap Student Entrepreneur Lamia who was featured on 5PointsBlue.Com!​

Star Tribune: "Three Teens Win Big With Sports Gear Check-Out Program"

Check out this story about the 2016 SAP Teen Innovators in the Star Tribune! ​

Student Blog: Noa on her AdCap Project and Receiving the SAP Bill McDermott Scholarship

Check out this blog post from our intrepid entrepreneur Noa, who not only received a $1,000 grant this year to lead change at her school, but who also applied for and received the SAP Bill McDermott Scholarship. In her own words, she shares how GENYOUth programs have impacted her life and what the scholarship means to her. 

2016 SAP Teen Innovator Award Goes To…

The votes are in and the SAP 2016 Teen Innovator Award goes to “Sports – Check It Out” from Cedar Riverside Community School in Minneapolis! Congratulations to Charly, Hamsa and Sayed for bringing their BIG idea to life. The students will receive an additional $10,000 for their Project, as well as a trip to Super Bowl LI in Houston, TX!​

Student Blog: Madison on Receiving the SAP Bill McDermott Scholarship

Check out this student guest blog from Madison, one of the first recipients of the SAP Bill McDermott Scholarship.