Made To Be Remade
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Baltimore, MD // Denver, CO // Louisville, KY // Phoenix, AZ // Dallas/Fort Worth, TX // Greater Fort Lauderdale/Miami, FL // Greater Los Angeles, CA
February 15, 2022
Up to $2,000 grant for winning projects
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American Beverage
Our economy is littered with single-use products. Worse still, because these items are not made to be remade and reused, many will end up in landfills. In a circular economy every item would be carefully designed so materials stay in use or get recycled to new lives. Building a less wasteful future starts with you. Look around your school: can you find opportunities to repair, re-use, or re-purpose? Do you see a way to get more items properly recycled? Get involved today!
What’s your big idea to create a more circular economy in your school?