Funding Guidelines

Adventure Capital Grant Eligibility

To apply for an Adventure Capital Grant, students must meet the following Eligibility Guidelines:

  • Be at least 13 years old to 18 years old. Students under 13 years old may not apply for an Adventure Capital Grant.
  • Designate one adult at their school to be the School Contact. The School Contact must read and approve the project before it is submitted and will be responsible for managing the project’s budget and implementing the project.
  • Provide a student email address, an email address for a parent/guardian, and an email address for the School Contact. It is extremely important to provide valid email addresses since Adventure Capital will communicate with the student, the parent/guardian, and the School Contact via email once the project is submitted, including Adventure Capital’s decision regarding the project.
  • The parent/guardian and School Contact must each verify, via email, their support for the project. The project will not be reviewed until the GENYOUth Foundation has received verification from the parent/guardian and the School Contact that they support the project.
  • Work with a team of students at their school to plan and implement the project. The student will be the team leader on the project.
Funding Guidelines and Terms:
  1. Submit the project online at
  2. Adventure Capital Grant funding checks will be made out to the students’ school, not to the individual student.
  3. Adventure Capital Grant checks are meant to fund activities that show promise of leading to lasting change within the school environment.
  4. Schools receiving an Adventure Capital Grant must be a registered Fuel Up to Play 60 school.
Use of Funding:
  1. Adventure Capital Grant funding may not be used on food sold at school to students, or to subsidize food or the cost of meals served to students in the school meal programs.
  2. Adventure Capital Grant funding may not be used to purchase equipment for organized sports teams.
  3. Use of Adventure Capital Grant funding is at the discretion of the School Contact and/or the other adults working with the team leader and the student team members, in compliance with all school or district rules governing the use of grant funds.
  4. Schools may not use Adventure Capital Grant funding to:
    • Influence Legislation;
    • Influence the outcome of any public election or to carry on, directly or indirectly, any voter registration drive;
    • Make any grant to any other individual or organization; or
    • Undertake any activity other than for charitable, scientific or educational purposes.
Other Terms:
  1. Adventure Capital Grant funding may not be transferred to another school, institution or individual without prior written approval of the GENYOUth Foundation.
  2. Schools receiving an Adventure Capital Grant agree to provide information about use of the Adventure Capital Grant if requested by the GENYOUth Foundation.
  3. Schools, School Contacts, and Team Leaders must certify that all information provided to the GENYOUth Foundation in connection with the Adventure Capital project, including all related communications, is true, correct and complete.
  4. Schools that receive one or more Adventure Capital Grants agree to complete all required reporting on the use and impact of the funding.
  5. Schools receiving an Adventure Capital Grant must obtain advance written approval from the GENYOUth Foundation for commercial publication or distribution of all publications or works created, in whole or in part, through the use of Adventure Capital Grant funding.
  6. Schools receiving an Adventure Capital Grant agree to submit photographs and accompanying signed releases for promotional and informational materials, as requested by the GENYOUth Foundation.
  7. Schools receiving an Adventure Capital Grant agree to share grant success stories, if requested, to demonstrate progress made toward creating a healthy and active school community.
  8. Schools receiving an Adventure Capital Grant will maintain complete and accurate records for the program, and will make such records available to the GENYOUth Foundation upon request.
  9. GENYOUth will ask school representatives to sign grant documents before they are allowed to accept grant checks. These grant documents are subject to additional terms that schools must accept prior to distribution of grant checks.
  10. Schools that accept grant funding agree that they will not hold GENYOUth Foundation liable for any claims arising from the schools’ use of that grant funding.