Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What exactly IS AdVenture Capital?

AdVenture Capital is a social entrepreneurship program created by GENYOUth Foundation to empower students and fund their ideas to improve nutrition and physical activity in their schools and communities. In the past, students would fill out an application and do some interviews to compete for grant money that would make their idea a reality. Once we realized how many amazing and bold student entrepreneurs there were, we knew we had to make it even BIGGER. That’s when we teamed up with SAP to create a new digital platform, where students can design projects, team up with mentors and inspire people all across the nation!

Q: How can parents/adult supporters get involved?

While this program is intended to empower students to design their own projects and lead the changes in their school, AdCap knows support from invested adults can be the difference between an idea taking off or one that is stuck on the ground. Parents will receive a notification email when students register. Once a student designs a project, a notification email will be sent to the educator/adult supporter listed by the student at the school where the student’s idea will take place. (Note: Any of these groups may opt out of AdCap emails after the notification if they wish).

Q: What does “health and wellness” mean?

Health and wellness is a big category, and there are a lot of creative ways to support this in your school and community. AdCap funds student-led solutions to create healthier school communities – this means your Project might be related to nutrition, physical activity or anything else that will make positive attitudinal, academic or social changes in your school/community.

Q: Where do I start?

If you already have an idea to improve health and wellness at your school or in your community, head to the Project Designer to share your idea and organize your action plan! If you’re curious about what other students have done, head to our Stories page. You can also visit the Resources page to find inspiration for helping you come up with ideas or how to implement your Project.

Q: Do I have to apply for grant money to design a project?

Nope! Once you’ve completed your project, you can decide to apply for funding or just take your project plan and get going! Not every idea needs money, and you’re totally in control of how you want to use your Project Plan once it’s complete.

Q: How do I apply for a grant to fund my big idea?

Before you can apply for a grant, you’ll need to create an account and complete your Project Plan in the Project Designer! Once you’ve completed your Project Plan, we’ll ask you how you want to put your plan into action. More information is available on the How It Works page.

Q: What "basic information" do you need, and how will it be shared?

To register for an account and access the Project Designer, we need your birth date (to verify your age), your first and last name, current school, grade, email address, parent email address, and a password. Other information will complete your account, such as your affiliation with organizations, and contact preferences. Your information will not be shared to external groups, but will be used by the AdCap team to communicate with you about your project and provide you with an individualized experience, in accordance with our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Q: How can I get involved?

It’s easy! Students can register by clicking the “Sign up/Login” button in the top right corner of the AdCap site and fill out some basic information about themselves. You will then be granted access to resources, support and program information on the site.